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Praying Toward Jerusalem

The following is a relatively new concept for me and has therefore become a new practice for me. Learning of this suggested to me that we Christians might have more in common with our Jewish and Muslims brothers and sisters.  I must personally add,  learning of this was a real surprise for me. Once again learning this was one of those Wow moments for me.  God’s promise is He will also be there and listem to the prayers of those that are facing this physical place on Earth.

King Solomon’s beautiful new Temple to the Lord God was built in Jerusalem and completed sometime near or during 953 B.C.  During Solomon’s prayer of dedication of the Temple, he prays to God our Father the following (my paraphrase) ..may your eyes and ears always be at this place… and after Solomon’s dedication prayer God agrees to always having His eyes and ears on this place – the Temple that also carries His holy name.. A more detailed description of this event is located at:  http://www.bible-history.com/backd2/toward_jerusalem.html

As Paul tells us in the New Testament First the Jews then the Gentiles, therefore I conclude what has been promised to the Jews by the Lord God and by His son the Lord Jesus Christ holds true for all members of the Body of Christ – all who are sons and daughters of Christ, those whose names are written in the Book of Life.  So when if you need I would suggest using a small compass and taking a map and doing your best to determine as near as possible the direction of the orginial temple built by King Solomon and send your prayers there to God the Father who has promised to always be there to listen. Any thoughts – anyone?


A Small Beginning

A Small Beginning:

This blog will simply begin as a journal of my journey on the road of life – one that will hopefully help lead me to heaven. It’s my prayer that God will send some of you here who are on your own journeys and that you will seize the opportunity to join me by sharing your thoughts and experiences with others that though our prayers and God’s grace will visit this small place in the vast cyber universe that be can draw strenght from each other and that we may all grow together in Christ Jesus.

The older I age the more I think about the end; not in a negative way but with the knowledge that’s an event no one, with the exception of the few mentioned in the Bible escapes. These thoughts of the end most often lead me to this point in my thinking process; to paraphrase the Bible “ ..many are invited but few will enter the gates of heaven.”

Toward the above thoughts about entering heaven.  I selected the banner image above becasue I beleive it definitely representing a setting sun.  That’s important because this specific image represents a deep conviction. This image is telling my soul, it’s time for all of us to wake up as the end of this era is close at hand.  Our Lord Jesus will soon return to claim His own and we had better be ready.

It is my sincere prayer that the more of us that are sharing and praying together will enjoy the trip to heaven and more of us will acknowledge that the only way to heaven is by accepting the faith invitation of Jesus Christ. It’s time to do something even at this late hour and there’s not much longer time for me or anyone for that matter to continue to procrastinate about becoming proactive, even if on such a minor scale. God knows and looks into our hearts. I believe that He loves us regardless because we are His sons and daughters and in my mind there is absolutely no doubt He will bless each one of us who makes any effort to help spread His Love and His words.

What’s next?

As I learn I will share with you my thoughts and where I am with them, please share yours with me. Pray for me and with me that this small forum will be constantly blessed by God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost, for without them nothing is possible.

Hello world!

Welcome to everyone that the Lord will decide to send to this site. This is His work not mine – at least I can say that is my deepest prayer.  Everyday is a Blessing – if you feel like it or not.  Do not waste your time and work hard for the Lord everyday.