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In Defense of Faith

The below is well written, concise (for a complex subject), compreshensive and I would add a must read for today’s beleivers and new comers (like myself).  While I am new as well to the CreationRevolution website/blog I remain open to discussion from all sides.

The following was posted on 29 November 2010 by R.L. David Jolly’s the Editor-in-Chief of CreationRevolution.com who has kindly informed me that this specific article was authored by the Pastor of his church in Arizona – Pastor Gary. L.W. Johnson. 

The full titile of the article as posted is:

Apologetics = Defending the Faith – Part 2

To read this amazing article please follow (click-on) the following hyperlink.


My personal thanks to Pastor Gary L.W. Johnson for writing this amazing article and to Mr. R.L. David Jolly and to CreationRevolution.com for this wonderful publication concerning the defense of our faith.


Sincere Regret and Promises

When you’re down for whatever reason be sincere with the Lord and He will get you through every problem lifting you up above any issues. What does He require of you prior to lifting you and spirit away from you trouble?   How does He do this?

The reference for the following is in God’s Word in the New Testament Book of James Chapter 4 verses 7 – 10.


Submit yourself to God – Go before the Lord in prayer and in thought. 

  1. Resist the Devil and he will flee!  God’s Promise ( full guarantee)
  2. Come near to God and He will come near to you! God’s Promise ( full guarantee)

       Wash your hands of your sins and purify your heart  (clean yourself of sin) We’re not perfect and will never be – but we should be able to rebound from our sin quicker the more we mature in our walk with the Lord.)

  •           Grieve
  •            Mourn
  •            Wail

Why these three? God’s wants us to sincerely regret our sins against Him. He wants and expects sincere remorse.  Visit the Old Testaments in the Bible.  During many times of distress God’s people literally dressed in scratchy sack cloth and smeared themselves with ash when they where asking God’s forgiveness or were distressed (in times of need of God’s intervention).  On many occasions they did this continuiously for days, until God’s Prophets would say they had received God’s forgiveness or His answer to their prayers was recieved.  Would it be too much to say many of us, even when we’re under tremendous stress, do not sincerely “gieve, mourn and wail” to our Lord after we have sinned? Do we sincerely regret our sins? If you’re having a problem – ask the Lord in your prayer to “make sincere your regret and to provide you with His strenght”.. He will provide.   

Change (your) laughter to mourning and (your) joy to gloom

Humble yourself before the Lord! and

He will lift you up! God’s Promise (full guarantee)

Help Our Unemployed

Millions of Americans and others, including our Christian Brothers and Sisters, are currently unemployed.  Please pray for them as part of your daily prayers to our Lord.  If you know anyone facing this issue – assure them that God loves them and that He will help them through this time of trouble. 

Please tell them they should use a portion of this time away from their work to come closer to the Lord our God, start by diligently reading his word (our Bible) every day, then practice living the way His Word instructs each and every one of us.