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Nehemiah’s Prayer

The below is another insightful article from the Creation Revolution that is in my opinion well worth reading.  Read and consider.


Feeling Alive as A Child of God

Milestone Moment!

I’m currently taking part in a small study group at my Church titled Practical Christian Living…. In our last session I felt touched by the power of the Holy Spirit… my heart burned with joy – for a brief moment I began to understand how grand we are — God is OUR FATHER — He truly loves us the same way we love our my children —

I am now more alive than I’ve been in years!

Take hold of this reality for yourself – right now… God is YOUR Heavenly FATHER – He loves you unconditionally – period – NO ONE can take you away from Him! Know this – it is real and more wonderful and valuable than anything that you can imagine. As your Father – you can be certain that He will NEVER let you down – you may not get what you want but He will ensure you always have what you need most!


The best choice a Christian can make!

The following is from Pastor Charles Stanley a giant among today’s Pastors.

The best choice a Christian can make is to fix his or her hope on the Lord Jesus Christ. Welcome whatever fits His will for your life, and turn away from all that does not. Circumstances may shift and change, but Jesus never does. He is a living hope who never disappoints. Paster Charles Stanley – http://www.intouch.org