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Thanks Bob’s boy blog for this interesting article. For more information – more detail as to the origin of the letter word please see: http://www.hebrew4christians.com/Grammar/Unit_One/Aleph-Bet/Tsade/tsade.html
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tsadeThis stanza of Psalm 119 begins each verse with the Hebrew letter “Tsade.”  These verses are heavily salted with references to the psalmist’s state of persecution from enemies (verse 141, 143).  The point he makes, and the lesson from the stanza,  is that he takes comfort from God’s word.

Some ascribe Psalm 84 to David (Spurgeon says it “exhales to us a Davidic perfume, it smells of the mountain heather and the lone places of the wilderness, where King David must have often lodged during his many wars”).  Others hold that it was written during times of actual Temple worship during the monarchy (verse 9), suggesting that it was written during Solomon’s reign; and verses 4 and 10 certainly have that air.

In any case, the twelve verses of this hymn of praise are beautiful; and the KJV (which we include below) do better justice to the poetry than…

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