Absolute Belief in God's Word!


A little info about me:

I am neither a good or professional writer. I am your average Joe with a limited education. My highest formal educational accomplishment was a High School Diploma, and I collected some credits along the way from a small Community College many years ago. That said I will do my best to write the best I can within the limited amount of time, knowledge and skills I have available to me. My grammar will be wanting; learning English was my core bane when I was growing up and attending public schools in the southern part of the United States. Like many of the boys around me I loved sports and didn’t excel in any specific area.

I was born to a Christian family, am the oldest of six children, taught to stay clean (meaning “get yourself clean young man before coming back in my house”, yes that could only be my mom.) Like many of my peers in those days being the oldest meant helping out around the house and taking care of my younger siblings, even when I would rather being doing almost anything else. Back then I worked hard helping both my mom and dad because back then I thought I had no choice. Life at that time was simple. I told myself, this was how things are and were meant be for me, knowing one day I would leave this all behind as I surely did. It wasn’t until much later on my road of life that I realized how much I had missed during my days at home; time that I should have used to get closer to my Mother and Father.

I read the Bible daily. Lately some of the verses I read are suddenly opened to my eyes for the first time, even though I’ve already read the same verses twenty times over the past 10 years. In some of cases a recent life experience has allowed me to see another part of God’s Word for the first time. At other times my reading results in a change of my understanding, and often to an expansion of my understanding, providing me with a greater appreciation of God and His love of us.

Coming up to the present: I lost my job almost three years ago and have been trying to get a couple of things off the ground so I could begin contributing to paying the bills again. I have been struggling with trying to get a new university up and running and have used almost every penny I owned.  The University is up and approved but this process is proving to be difficult at best.  I still have faith that the Lord has His hand on this project and it soon be off the charts and full of happy students.  As with most startups it seems like the more I work the more there is to do each day and no breaks come – but I am confident the break though my wife and I have waited for will come soon. I’ve not received any steady income other than that my wife has been able to give me as an allowance for over the last two years, this is embarrassing but a fact I cannot ignore. Thank God for her. The Lord continues to help us get through each month at a time. Regardless, the Lord provides and we thank him daily.

I am not perfect and never will be. Only Christ was perfect. I fail occasionally like all good human beings, but I am at a point where I get back up as quickly as possible, asking for His forgiveness and His strength to help me prevent a reoccurrence of this same or a similar failure in the future. I also believe He loves us and like a good Father forgives us. Another of His fatherly traits is that He tests us because He wants us to grow in our relationship with Him so we can later join Him for all eternity when that day comes.

So much about me at least for now…


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