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In Defense of Faith

The below is well written, concise (for a complex subject), compreshensive and I would add a must read for today’s beleivers and new comers (like myself).  While I am new as well to the CreationRevolution website/blog I remain open to discussion from all sides.

The following was posted on 29 November 2010 by R.L. David Jolly’s the Editor-in-Chief of CreationRevolution.com who has kindly informed me that this specific article was authored by the Pastor of his church in Arizona – Pastor Gary. L.W. Johnson. 

The full titile of the article as posted is:

Apologetics = Defending the Faith – Part 2

To read this amazing article please follow (click-on) the following hyperlink.


My personal thanks to Pastor Gary L.W. Johnson for writing this amazing article and to Mr. R.L. David Jolly and to CreationRevolution.com for this wonderful publication concerning the defense of our faith.